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Attractions in Inglewood

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    Eucalyptus Distillery Museum

    20 Grant Street, Inglewood, VIC 3517
    Inglewood Eucalyptus Distillery site offers a tourist attraction set on the site of the historic Jones Eucalyptus Distillery. This is a unique interactive experience that highlights the importance of the eucalyptus industry to the district. There is a tribute to Eucalyptus Polybractea, the "blue eucy", and an exploration of the history and archaeology of how eucalyptus was and is now distilled. The site highlights the ingenuity of the distillers, the hard work of the "eucy" cutters and of the social and economic impact of the industry. Located on the northern side of Inglewood, the museum is some 50 kilometres west of Bendigo and two hours from the centre of Melbourne. The new Museum was opened in July 2011. Eucalyptus Distillery Museum is open on the weekends, with toilets on site as well as a car park, a kiosk and a gift shop that sells eucalyptus oil. The museum has an increasing collection of eucalyptus history, art works and working model distillery. This is an ideal day trip, located in the historic gold township of Inglewood, which now features an increasing range of antiques and collectables. Come and visit, the staff at Eucalyptus Distillery Museum would love to show you around. More
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    Fusspots At Inglewood

    39 Brooke Street, Inglewood, VIC 3517
    Fusspots At Inglewood, Winner 2013 Loddon Powercor Awards 'Best Small Business'. Fusspots At Inglewood is a licensed second hand store selling a range of old wares and collectables ranging from antique to vintage, furniture and furnishings, ceramics and glass, books, records, handbags, clothing, jewellery, kitchenalia, toys, postcards and paintings and more tins than you can poke a stick at! An eclectic mix of all things wonderful and well worth a visit. For those not convinced that pre-loved is the way to shop, how about a beautiful bar of handmade soap by the local soap maker? With fragrances such as Provence, Patchouli and Springtime how could you resist. Perhaps a bottle of blue eucalyptus oil from a local grower or a unique lip balm made with local olive oil or a unique piece of pottery handmade in Inglewood by potter Barry Norman? These are quality local products, second to none. Fusspots At Inglewood has moved to new premises and is now located in the old Nixon's Store. The newly polished, gleaming old floorboards are the talk of the town and the spacious interior allows for display of more items than possible in our previous store. Browsers are most welcome. Establishment of a grocery themed museum on the premises is underway and well worth an inspection. With its great selection of second hand and old wares stores, Inglewood has become a notable destination for collectors and shoppers alike. The historic precinct of Brooke Street is home to five old wares shops and an opportunity shop. Rest assured, you will collect more than memories in Inglewood. More

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