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    The Astor Theatre

    1 Chapel Street, St-kilda, VIC 3182
     The Astor Theatre is a cinema in the grand, old manner. The theatre’s proud boast is Fine Films and Atmosphere and it is now the last single screen cinema of its kind in continuous operation in Melbourne, still standing since its grand opening over 75 years ago. When you walk into The Astor you are transported back to the days when going to the cinema was an EVENT. The cinema was built in the 1930s and still retains the art-deco charm of that period. Long famous for its presentation of classics, cult favourites and select new releases, The Astor projects a range of mediums including 35mm prints and the now rare 70mm format (over three times the size of 35mm, with glorious detail and clarity). The Astor is also home to the Barco 4K Digital Projector, the highest quality projector of its kind in Australia. When you see a film in 4K (up to four times the industry standard resolution!) or 2K format at The Astor, you are seeing a presentation that is unmatched. Programming is for a different double feature (yes, a DOUBLE feature – two movies for the price of one!) on most evenings of the week with regular matinees on Sundays. There are also some special, single-feature sessions (many at a reduced price), plus ongoing film maker retrospectives, film collections and festivals. The Astor Theatre is home to an extraordinary roster of re-released classics in their original 35mm print format (like Casablanca and Some Like It Hot), lush Technicolor restorations (including The Wizard of Oz, Singin’ in the Rain and Rear Window), exquisite 70mm epics (Ben Hur and Vertigo), through to new digital remasters in 2K and 4K format (titles as varied as Dr Strangelove, Taxi Driver and Ghostbusters). Many of these films sit in the archive, a treasure trove of rare prints that the Astor are committed to preserving for future generations. There are many choices to see a movie out there, but the aim of everybody at The Astor is to create a unique and special movie going experience that you will never forget! And keep an eye out for our resident cat, Marzipan, who just might like to sit on your lap! More
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    Theatre Works

    14 Acland Street Street, St-kilda, VIC 3182
    Theatre Works aims to: - Support artists at all stages of artistic exploration, from initial idea through to realisation - Work in partnership with venues, festivals and producers to present the best local, national and international small to medium scale performances - Develop deep and sustained relationships with artists who are bringing new stories to the stage and rigorously investigating form - Develop innovative and varied ways in which audiences can engage with performance and performance making processes Theatre Works is a venue focused on providing a flexible, friendly, technically equipped, well-maintained and financially viable theatre space supportive of emerging artists and artistic trends. More

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